Health and Safety Notice

Risks from covid-19


Do not attend the festival if you have covid-19 or if you have symptoms.
Do not attend if you are unwell. You can ask for a refund after the event if you have not used your ticket(s) due to illness.


Please follow current government covid guidelines – you don’t want to wear masks or follow social distancing. Please use common sense to stay safe and keep those around you safe. If you wish to purchase a face mask, please ask a member of staff. You must adhere to any safety measures in place at the event, including observing directions given by stewards.


Before attending the Leicester Lions Beer Festival you are encouraged to undertake your own health risk assessment (taking into account your age and any health conditions or vulnerabilities to infection you may have).


You will not be permitted entry to the venue if you are showing signs or admit symptoms of 'covid-19' (a high temperature, new and persistent cough, a loss of/change in sense of taste or smell). You will have to leave the venue if you are showing signs of covid-19. You may have your temperature checked or asked to take a lateral flow test (LFT).


A mobile LFT centre will be present at the Festival, allowing you to be tested on-site or to take away a LFT home test kit. If you receive a positive LFT result you should leave the venue and self-isolate (or get further testing) as per government guidelines.


Help us to keep the site safe and clean by using the provided cleaning wipes (at tables and in the toilets) and hand sanitiser.


The Rugby Club NHS QR code poster will be displayed, should you wish to check in (and if you do not have the NHS app you can supply your details at the entry desk - these will be stored securely and may be given to the NHS Test & Trace team). It is no longer a legal requirement to make use of the NHS app or QR code poster.


We encourage the responsible use of alcohol and will not tolerate bad behaviour from anyone attending the Festival. If you are refused alcohol at the bar you should not request someone else to buy this for you. You may be escorted from the site if deemed a nuisance to other attendees.


When leaving the site, please keep to the pavements and take extra care when crossing the adjacent road or dual carriageway. If you do not feel well enough to get home safely, speak to a member of staff who will arrange for a taxi to collect you.


You will not be permitted to leave the site with any drinks - if taking a souvenir pint 'glass' home with you, please make sure it's empty.



Thank you very much for your support - we hope you enjoy the festival!